Executive Director

Executive Director

Geoff Holland, BA (Comm), MA Hons. (STS)
Executive Director, IGFR
Editor, Global Futures Bulletin

Geoff has been an activist for over 40 years, since organising to send powdered milk from Australia to a clinic in a slum area of Mumbai, India, at the age of 11.

He has a degree in Journalism and Political Science and a postgraduate degree in Science and Technology Studies.

He has worked for Greenpeace in Vancouver, Canada, and People for Nuclear Disarmament in Sydney, Australia. Geoff was editor of an activist journal in Berkeley, California, for two years where he also participated in the Peace Movement there (Livermore Action Group). He also participated in activities of the World Future Society, considering himself a ‘futurist’ since 1980.

In 1992 Geoff participated in the UNCED Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Following this seminal Summit, Geoff was instrumental in setting up the Institute for Global Futures Research (IGFR) and was Editor of the Global Futures Bulletin 1995-2001. During this time he was affiliated with the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) and participated in the WFSF World Conference in 1997. He also attended the UN Habitat II conference in Istanbul in 1996.

Geoff has worked with various community-based projects in different locations around the world. In Maharlika (Philippines) Geoff built four organic food gardens for a Children’s Village, amongst other community projects. He produced and directed EarthDance Cebu 2010 / Cebu Earth Summit in Cebu City.

Geoff stood as a political candidate in the Queensland State Elections (Australia) in Feb 2012 representing the Greens Party. He has been involved in the Occupy Movement since October 2011.

In April 2012, Geoff travelled to Rio de Janeiro to prepare for the UNCSD Rio+20 Earth Summit. He participated in a range of forums including the Science, Technology and Innovation conference (PUC), Dialogues for Sustainable Development, GLOBE Parliamentarians for Sustainable Development conference, Global Greens conference, Occupy Movement, People’s Summit, ICLEI forum, and numerous other forums at the Rio Centro Summit.

Following the dismal performance of national delegations in the Rio+20 process, described by senior officials of multilateral agencies as ‘NO GO-tiators’, and the failure of Heads of State of most wealthy nations to appear at the Rio +20 Summit including from the US, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Germany and most European countries (except for France, Denmark and Sweden who attended);

And following the mostly disingenuous or misdirected participation of many corporations and corporate lobby groups (but not all!);

And following the enthusiasm of Youth organisations, Global Civil Society and a plethora of NGOs, multilateral agencies, and the academic and science sectors;

It became clear that Global Civil Society, more than ever, must self-organise to resolve the crises that national governments (and hence the UN multilateral system) and the corporate sector have proven themselves unable to resolve.

One of the promising outcomes of the UNCSD Rio+20 process was the proposal by Colombia and Guatemala for a series of Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) to follow on from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which is now supported by the UN.

Geoff is now re-engaged with the Institute for Global Futures Research (IGFR) and the Global Futures Bulletin, and focussed on assisting the Global Civil Society response to the UN SDGs program.